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Islamic content & services in one ecosystem


Get latest news and upcoming events from your local mosques

Halal Hub

Eliminate all doubts and get all-halal certified products from our marketplace


Book home services such as learning the Quran, tutor, or mutawwif from reliable and certified Sahabat (Service Providers)

Life Partner

Find your life partner with the supervision of a guardian


Book your umrah package today and chat immediately with the agency


Calculate your Zakat contribution with Zakat Calculator, make Zakat payment and monitor your Zakat statement

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A beginner friendly step-by-step visual and audio guide to perform solat


Find wedding caterers, florists, photographers or book a hall all in one platform

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and more!

Backend System

Empowering Islamic Service Provider

We build an interactive platform to empower Islamic Service Providers to organise and reach out more users.

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Manage mosque funds, update activities, post community gatherings, news or upcoming events


Manage funds, donations, number of contributors, total collections and total expenses


Upload and update products in the marketplace, monthly sales, manage orders and request by users of AlFateh OS


Manage incoming income zakat payment, manage your amil, present expenses, get nomination of asnafs from Al-Fateh Mobile app user
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